Airbag like helmet for bicyclists or even motorist

There have been plenty of safety features integrated in motor vehicles in the event of accident, especially cars like the safety rating Euro NCAP. What about motorist, you asked. Well, there isn’t one, not that I am aware off but do correct me if I am wrong.

Like the saying goes, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and this safety equipment worth mention to be part of the equipment to ensure safety. The designs of it looks pretty much like a collar. It has an integrated automated airbag inflation which would inflates when it detects a possible fall of the wearer head. This airbag collar, known as Hövding airbag collar includes device contains a folded airbag that fully inflates with helium in about 0.1 seconds thanks to a built-in gas generator. The air bag is triggered by accelerometers and gyrometers, which detect the “abnormal movement” of the rider in an accident.

A short clip shows the test on the Hövding collar under a fatal accidents staged with crash test dummies and other accidents staged with male and female stunt riders:

There are questionable concerns if the airbag do work in preventing injury in the event accident do occurs like if the airbag could sustain impact from hard sharp object? The practicality of wearing it while cycling or riding? Well, one thing for sure, safety comes first to avoid any possibility unforeseen accidents/injuries.

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