Anya Hindmarch Catalogue

anya hindmarch - the little book
Was doing some window shopping in the highland resort. They have this branded stuff sold in Genting merchandise (GMC). They have luxury brands being sold in their shop and one of those in line is Anya Hindmarch.

I saw some of the handbags on displayed. Am quite like it but I wasn’t in favor to buy anything at that time. I didnt want to have an impromptu purchase and regret it later. But what I have got myself there is their catalogue. I first got to know the name after their “I am not a plastic bag” tote bag campaign. I thought it was cool and it was quite common insight at that period. I captured photos of the catalogue and thought I should share if those who are interested on Anya Hindmarch product:

edie campbell - the huxley

charlotte stockdale

nude, black, natural handbags anya hindmarch

khaki, gold, black anya

dylan jones - anya

palma grey, silver, black - anya

orange, grey, black - anya handbag

anya hindmarch - the little book coveranya hindmarch - the little book cover2

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