Branded names tag on your clothing and apparels

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It’s very common nowadays to see clothing and apparels with the designer’s name or shop name printed on it. Printed here literally means, the logo or the designer name is most obvious design which one could see when looking at your outfits. It does seems to be quite common now that most of the brands have few of their clothing with the name imprinted clearly intentionally. Well, if that does not catch your attention, hope this post would make you more aware afterward.

I do saw this trend for sometime, especially with the renoma clothes and polo Ts. It might probably be me of having friends whom wear those designs coincidentally when it was commonly in-sight.

renoma briefBut apparently, there’s a post in guardian [UK] posted an article on why there are so many people wearing clothes with brand name of them. Go read it up if you do not believe me. It is not only me who are observing this trends!

But well, the author of that article actually criticize that trend. The post was actually written to reply to a comment (query) leave by the readers which goes “Why is it that so many people these days wear clothes that absurdly advertise the shop?”. And the author’s reply?

“it’s because they are morons. And not just morons – multi-level morons.”.
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The author explains further the reasoning behind of his such offensive remarks. Three points given:

1. For a start, they think that somehow flaunting the name of the shop from which they bought the garment makes them look cool.
2. They fail to see that they are merely being used by the brand as a form of free advertising
3. They paid extra money for that label to be sloshed across their clothes

Well, I do agree at a certain degree with the points he wrote. I, myself, when shopping for a clothes or apparels would first find for clothes which have the designs that looks nice. The name printed that goes with a design is well, a design. I would not, intentionally buy a clothes that would only have the brand name printed. That basically makes the designs, not a design, or to one is a fashion which is a design by itself?

How about you? Do you buy a cloth with a big name of the brand printed on the clothing or apparel?

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