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Pedometer in style, Just Do it- Nike style

If you’re looking for motivation to push yourself further to burn off extra calories while keeping the trendy style in place, you might be interested with NIKE+ FUELBAND which comes in different colors. They recently add another cool color to their collections, a new transparent color dubbed “Ice”.
The FuelBand provides the capability to work with a free iPhone app or the Nike+ website to collect and compile information about your daily activity levels. The device itself provides accelerometer to measure time, calories, steps, and a metric Nike calls “NikeFuel. Powered with an integrated battery, you can charge it by easily plugging it to a USB port on your PC. It uses LED to display its’ information.

It’s currently available only in London’s Boxpark, the House of Innovation at Selfridges, and New York’s 21 Mercer Street. It will be available online @ from August 12.

Bra secret compartment

Have you ever wish you would have a secret compartment where you could safe keep your important stuff while you’re travelling? Or maybe when you have a big loads of cash and you just hope you have a hidden pocket to keep it? Well, if you don’t, I do. It happens to me especially when I am travelling. Be it as work or personal vacation, it always bother me on my passport and where should I keep it to be safe enough.

Worries no more. Looking at the recent product advertisement, Joeybra, which features a nice compartment just at the side of the bra. It’s easy to reach, safe yet convenient. Take a look at the video clip below:

Joeybra established this year, 2012 by Mariah Gentry and Kyle Bartlow. It’s a small Seattle, WA based company.

P/S: Just in case you’re wondering if the picture depicted above shown an iPhone kept at JoeyBra’s compartment, yes, it is. Doesn’t that poses health hazard, you may asked. They posted the findings at their blog, do read it up. But if you’re still concern about it, there’s much more stuff you could use it to pocket 😉