Christian Louboutin against fake Louboutin

There are fake stuff almost on every luxury goods. We know there’s fake Louis Vuitton widely sold in China. There are fake Calvin Klien stuff in the night market. It’s irresistable when it comes to cheap price on a luxury label goods. But does it mean the originals retailers don’t care? No, they are taking actions!

I haven’t seen fake Christian Louboutin shoes just yet, or probably I haven’t really aware since it’s pretty much rare here in my place. But behold, just if you thought you see “Statarata” model Louboutin sandals, you might have mistaken it with the “Evangela” sandals with the brand tag Simpson on.

It looks so much similarities that Christian Louboutin is going after Jessica Simpson for copyright infringement. They have a site that helps the consumer to help track down counterfeit shoes.

P/S: This made me wonders if there will be counterfeit of Cinderella shoes (named Disney glass slipper) by Louboutin

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