Coach into Dragon theme in the year of Dragon!

Roughly a week left before the zodiac change happens, the surrounding are already brightens up with the “dragon” theme. Just so if you”re not aware, in chinese calendar, there are 12-year cycle of animals and dragon is the legendary ones. That, I guess, makes up the trend for this year designs.

Apparently Coach has some of it’s new product designed with symbolic “dragon”. This could well, matches the theme for the year if you’re particularly in mood with it. Chinese artist Zhang Lan has been put in charge on the designing the exclusive items in collaboration with Coach. With Zhang Lan’s traditional style of ink painting, adorns Coach’s iconic tote shape, as well as an assortment of matching small leather goods, there are purse, tote bag and wallet among the range offered.

In Chinese, the drawing of Dragon imagery represents “Qinglong” also known as the “Azure Dragon of the East”.Coach-dragon-illustrated-leather-collectionCoach-dragon-tote

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