Colors in fashion

When it comes to fashion, almost anything blends in the name of it. Color makes a whole difference. It could defines a person’s attitude and style. There is even color codes for different occasion or events you are attending.

Rainbows are usually being relates to happiness. White color inked to purity. Black colored dress was even known once to be mourning dress in those days but it’s quite frequent to be observed as a mixed color for formal dresses as it could blend with the colors well. It depends on the type of function or events you are going. Let’s say, if you would be attending for a wedding dinner, it would not be appropriate if the dress are of complementary colors. The would basically grab the attention of many, and possibly from the brides and bridegroom, which does not looks well.

At one point, color also play some role in skin complexion. For those with tanned skin with dark-colored hair are more suitable to wear light colored shirts and dress instead of dark ones to avoid one from having heavily toned down look.

Besides the dresses and clothing, apparels that ones wear are better off to blend well with other color codes. For instance, if you are thinking to wear gray suits, it would best goes well with black shoes. Whereas if the suits are in white, then a white shoes would be the perfect match. And same goes with the socks. It would always be advisable to tie an outfit together, but don’t need to match anything. Men’s hosiery should complement the entire ensemble. Dark socks — esp. black are a good bet with suits.

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