Disney Fairy Tale Wedding gowns

disney princess wedding gownsI believe we have been through watched those disney’s cartoons like Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella. Celine Dion’s sang the soundtrack for some of the song played in the cartoons (Because you loved me or a new day has come and many more). The princess in the movie have always been a dream of many girls (tho it would not be real). It would certainly be a dream comes true if there is a prince that comes up to me. Nuff of my dream, I guess some if not all, would have the same fantasies like me, right?

Well, if you do really hope to be one, as in be like a princess, Alfred Angelo designed few gowns inspire by the infamous disney’s cartoon, Cinderalla and sleeping beauty gown.

Sleeping Beauty’s gown is romantic with a dreamy, willowy skirt for this slumbering princess. Belle’s wedding dress, with a draped waistline is inspired by the iconic ballroom dance scene from the film and focuses on making a grand entrance. Cinderella’s gown radiates with sparkle as its inspiration is the fairy tale’s enchanted glass slipper. Jasmine’s wedding dress conveys freedom and individuality and as a result her shimmering soft satin gown is exotic with a bejeweled neckline and low cut back. Snow White’s dress is inspired by nature, beauty and grace like the Disney Princess character herself The regal, one-shoulder taffeta gown for our newest princess, Tiana, reflects her independent spirit with an asymmetric bodice and ruched skirt.

Now you can dress like the princess, holding the prince of yours, going through the wedding ceremony with joy! Can’t wait to get one? heads over to www.alfredangelo.com.

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