Evian with fashions

Fashions applies almost everywhere in our life. From the cloth we wear, to decoration, automotive, communication mobile handset, and even laptop, it’s gives an additional colours toward the ordinary object and makes it looks better. It makes no harm and it gives our eye a pleasant feel.

Evian logo

I believe most of you must have heard about the product Evian, producer of mineral waters from French Alps. Now they have Issey Miyake to design the fourth annual limited edition designer bottle. It is no doubt looks fresher and newer in term of its’ image, but I am unsure if packaging goes well with the objective of the what the consumer wants from product itself. But one thing for sure, it does attract me to buy one. It looks nice to have and keep or reuse.

evian designer bottle.

Watch the preview of the product live from youtube here:

The limited special designer bottle design by Issey Miyake is available for preorders now at Aquameastro. Go grab yours now!

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