Fake fashion labels goods in Silk Street Market (秀水街)

fake purses
Silk Street Market (秀水街) is probably one of the hotspot in Beijing, China. The place is a tourist spot where goods can be bought at a bargained price. It is a place where experience and skill is required to get the cheapest price for the goods that you are planning to buy. And, for those who do not already know, it is also the place heaven for fake fashion labels goods.

I were there the previous days. I went just window shopping and one sales person approached me with an album that consist variety of Louis Vuitton brand handbags. Any designs of any size, you want it, they got it. It’s different to other brands like Chanel or Dolce and Gabbana (D&G) where handbags are displayed on the counter. Many people were seen bargaining for the goods albeit it’s fake. The difference between the authentic and fake goods are rather minor, but if you look closely, it can be easily spotted the different.

dolce and gabbana
The visitors are limited to foreigners, locals are there too to join in the crowd. There are few floors where each floor sells different stuff. They have electronics, gifts, silks, apparels and clothing, jewelleries and many more in the building itself. I observed the price is marked up more than 10 times the cost of the item as I’ve seen one which get the price that is below the tagged figure and it is no surprise to me that bargains are a surety in each trades. I did get some gifts back for my friends from there and most of the time, I set my price for that item before starting to bargain. If the price is lower than what I am requesting, then the deal is done. And percentage of getting the stuff I want? 90 out of 100.

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