Fragonard Candy Perfume

Parfumerie Fragonard
I went to Parfumerie Fragonard store when I had my visit to France(part of my Europe trip). The place has its’ own hall which shows the machineries involved to produce perfume. There is another place where their production staff do their work, from discovering the scent of a new perfume, to processing and packaging the end products. I would say the place is quite huge and the building has 2 floors. Visitors could also experience one of the stage in producing the perfume, if my memory serves me right, it’s called mixture process. I didn’t get the chance to experience that and only site visit of the building. I was told that Fragonard is one of the manufacturer that provides the perfume to some well known brands (repackaging it to those name).

As usual, after the introduction on the place and some explaination on the different stages of how perfume are manufactured, we are brought to the sales site where we are briefed on their range of products and given the option to purchase those. They have variety of products in line aside from perfume, to name a few men’s shaving cream, cosmetics, shower soaps and much more. I would recommend this place if you would like to get a some souveniers for someone back home.

And during the briefing at the sale session, they introduced the candy perfume and you could expect the scent to be as what it’s name described. It does smells like candy and if I would not have know about this, I would probably think someone is eating candy when I bump up with the smell. They claimed it was a hot flavor and I guess it could be probably due to the festive season coming along (Christmas!).
And after visiting this Fragonard store, I recently got to know that Prada is having CANDY fragrance in their product range! I really think it’s gonna be this season’s favourite scent or theme.

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