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Lazzare diamond
If you walk down to a jewellery shop and ask for a good diamond, they would probably ask you for a budget. Thing is, good diamonds varies based on the requirement of it for the level of satisfaction. There are specification where it makes up the best diamond which would cost a whole loads of money. It depends on the purpose of the purchase, be it for investing (which I doubt), collections or gift (wedding proposal sounds more rightful?). So once you have the objective in mind, do some research before hitting those sales representative to get the most affordable diamonds.

I believe for those who have bought it, or probably heard about it, there are these 4Cs that contributes the pricing factors. Even if you google for diamond, there are aplenty of articles posted on these 4Cs which are Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. The maths for the price is simple, if you choose for the best grade for all four attribute, then expect for the most expensive price. But if two of the factors pulled down, then the price goes down as well. Thus, it is advisable to know what those attribute means and choose the right values for the right ones and sacrifice others to make up the price that you would pay for.

Clarity refers to how clear the diamond is. It would also means if the diamonds appears to be crystal clear with no scratches. As diamonds are cut to made up for the shape, there might have some defects on the cutting process which affects the clarity. So choosing the common acceptable of clarityness may not be apparent to our naked eyes.
Lazarre diamond
Color is self explanatory by its’ term. However, the term color refers to colorless for the best quality of a diamond. The color is not implied into the light reflected by the diamond but the color of the diamond itself. As diamonds are best viewed under a brightly lid location, it would basically reflects a rainbow colors from any white flashes to any parts of the diamonds. For diamonds with some colors, it would be considered as lower grades diamond as it would affect the lighting reflection in generating the rainbow colors.

Cutting of the diamonds is not only referring to the shape of the diamond, but its proportions and finish. As this would also affects the lighting reflection that would generates the rainbow colors. A beautifully cut diamond would makes up the “brilliance” and “sparkle” within it.

Carat, which also literally treated as the size of the diamond, defines the the weight of it.

With the price factors in mind, it would be easier to determine the right attributes to go with for the budget in hand. The deciding factor will be simpler when priority is prioritize for which is more important that needs to be met specifically and sacrificing the least attribute for a lower grade, then the right diamond can be easily identified.

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