Gucci 3D Glasses

gucci 3D
When the hype gets going, the hype gets stronger. Ever since the Avatar goes 3D, many electronic industries are going into the same thing, 3-dimensional graphics technology. I remember I saw a TV box that integrates the compliance control in supporting the 3D movies. Then, there were occasionally new released movies that goes with 3D and one specific movie which were still in mind, the street dance. It goes like “err, why on earth a 3D dance would goes 3D?”. I guess different sort of experience watching a movie would be fun.

Then, Gucci spice things up with 3D glasses. That probably looks cool when you have it on, watching 3D movies with a branded glasses! I do not think it would work well if one would like the glasses to gain some attraction if it were to be worn in a Cinema as nobody could probably aware what you are wearing! But I guess, time would probably tells, when 3D movies are aired on your normal TV channels, or even the news are in 3D!

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