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Having a prom later? Thinking of what hairdo you should set? Or wanted to get a hairstyle for your wedding day? Cracking your mind for a new hairdo? Wanted some hot new hairstyle with the latest trend?

Well, hairstyle is always part of the cosmetic effect which is the most obvious to the audience. It can be seen from different angle with different lightning. It contributes a major difference towards one look. There’s even a saying, what a bad hair day! It simply means everything just goes wrong. Thus, it shows how significant a good hair styling could contributes to ones’ style.

Well, I was thinking if there were top 10 hairstyle of this year 2010 since there is a top 10 for most of the subject. But then, hairstyle should not be followed blindly as it follows closely toward the shape of your face and overall structure of your head. The cutting may looks good for one but not for others. Thus, it is important to first identify the shape of your face then to find the hair styles that you want. It would then match better and suits well.

I found the beautifulhairstyles site where it have the hairstyles of celebrities which appeared with different fashions and trends that is unique yet elegant. There are thousand over styles for you to search. It is categorized based on the celebrity name and if you have the same facial structure with the celebrity, say Crystal Hunt or Erin Cummings, even Nicky Hilton and Christina Aguilera, their photos (hair styles) are all there. Print it out and show it to your hairstylist so they know what hairstyle hairdo that you want. At time, I do have difficulties in expressing what type of haircut that I want and it may even lead to a miss-communication which would ended up having a spoils haircut that stays for months!

With the power of the Web, now everything can be simplified and expressed easily!

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