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led lcd watch
Well, please let me clarify, this is not an advertorial post.

Ever since Facebook is so “Socially strong”, I’ve got to know more on my friends and more of what they are been up to. One thing which caught my eye is a little post on a watch. The watch is not a normal watch you find in neighboring watch shop but it is rather unique and limited. I never see anyone wearing such a watch but got to know of similar “design” like the famous NOOKA.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the typical pirated watch which cloned the design like “NOOKA” but the unique design of it which makes the feel of trendy. Like the above picture, it was taken from TokyoFlash Japan website. It’s one of their product that features led lcd watch codenamed “Tokyoflash R75 LED Watch”. Priced at $159, the watch is made entirely from stainless steel with two different LED colors that have the capability to show time and date. It comes with a 1year warranty and what it appeared to be distinctive with other watches are, those watches that they are selling, is limited units! You can’t buy those anymore if they have stopped selling.

There are few watches that I have interest on but they are no longer being sold (or sold out). What’s there to be so special with their watches? Well, art my friend. Fashion. They comes out with distinctive designs that outstand others in the timepiece industry for those that appreciate arts or fashion. They even goes out to the extend of having “Design Challenge” where it’s open to public for their ideas of how a watch is to be designed. There are plenty of submission already around the globe and it’s all posted up on their blog. Go browse through and you will be amazed!

One of the watch that they are selling currently (haven’t run out, but grab yours before it’s too late) is this:

It’s name “Kisai Kaidoku LCD Watch”, designed by 15 year old Tynan Mayhew. Don’t you think it’s worth every penny for a distinctive watch on your wrist?

P/S: One of the submission on “Design Challenge”, knight rider theme?


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