Louis Vuitton Monogram Aviator

The fabric is made from 48% Wool, 44% Polyester, 8% Acrylic, its composition makes it soft and as comfy as a pillow. Contrasting calfskin leather trim accentuates the simple design, while the closed shape offers the perfect style for hand carry and open shape for shoulder carry. Inside, the bag has a bright fluorescent orange quilted 100% nylon lining reminiscent of those found in bomber jackets. Monogram Aviator comes in three colors: Navy, Bordeaux, and Khaki. It is retailed at US$3270 and has since been sold at major Louis Vuitton retails. It can also be found on LouisVuitton.com

You might have seen the bag with the popular celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Katie Holmes and Rachel Bilson. It’s no doubt a nice bag which have the classic “LV” tag imprinted on the bag. You would not have missed it if you know come across one, but you hardly would miss the brand of the bag if it catches your attention. It’s spacious enough to be carried around when you need a space for the portable stuff.

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