Most expensive jeans

The news is not new but it was indeed something new to me. I didn’t know that Gucci made the most expensive jeans which were recorded in Guinness World Book of record. The genius jeans, as what Gucci has named it, was the most expensive jeans priced at $3,134 on October 1998.

But if the same price to pay now, you will not be paying for the most expensive jeans. The prices of a pair of jeans have gone up tremendously high and not to mention, the brand name of those fashions icon are aplenty now. Fashion designer have came up with even better designs using the luxurious materials (ie. gold or diamonds) which could increase the price of the jeans easily.

Now there might be questions arise, are the price worth the piece of jeans? Base on Wiki, jeans were simply a trousers for working apparels and later being a casual wear. Unless I have billions in my bank account, but even if I have, I wouldn’t spend a huge sum for just a casual wear.

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