Most expensive sandals!

If you’re a fans of flip flops (the type of sandals as depicted in the picture above), you probably might have interest in this luxury news. Chipkos, for those who never heard of it, is a brand famous for its’ Eco-friendly sandal @ flip flops and have stores in Times Square and Las Vegas.

What about Chipkos and Flip Flops, you asked? Well, they recently gained a major limelight on many fashionistic site mentioning their latest, most expensive flip flop. What’s so interesting on the sandals that made it cost super duper high? Was it diamonds on the sandals or it’s made of gold?

If you guessed any of those, then it would be a major disappointment. However, if you are into Arts, and enjoy painting apparels, then you might want to have a look or consider in having this pair of flip flops. Priced at $18,000 a pair, painted by Los Angeles artist David Palmer, categorized as a collector piece, not only it could only adds into your collection but you would be contributing good deeds as the proceeds will be donated to protect 100,000 square feet of endangered rain forest land.

Isn’t it great?

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