Most precious gift and expensive shoes

While I was writing the post on most expensive ipad, I came across an article on most expensive gift and most expensive shoes written separately respectively. I’ve always been intrigue with the most fastest cars in the world and never did i know of the existence on those two, gift and shoe. Well, when there’s money, anything would be possible I guess.

So for those of you who do not know, the most precious gifts are summarize below listed in irrespective orders:
1. David Beckham’s Christmas present to Victoria Beckham’s Silver Himalayan Bag: $129,000
2. Beth Ostrosky’s Engagement Ring, from Howard Stern: over $250,000
3. King Abdullah’s Gifts to President Obama: over $300,000
4. The Statue of Liberty, gift from the people of France to the US: $530,300
5. The Taylor-Burton Diamond, A birthday gift from Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor: over $1 million
6. Beyonce’s Engagement Ring from Jay Z: $5 million
7. Roman Abramovich’s Sculpture, bronze sculpture by Alberto Giacometti, called “Femme de Venise” was one such gift from him to Dasha: around $14 million
8. The Orlov Diamond, belongs to Count Grigory Grigoryevich Orlov, a gift from Russian empress, Catherine the Great: 400,000 Russian rubles in 1798
9. The Kohinoor Diamond, a gift from Empress of India to Queen Victoria when British took over India: monetary value never documented
10. The Taj Mahal, Emperor Shah Jahan of India commissioned the Taj Mahal in memory of his eternal love for Mumtaz Mahal, his third and most beloved wife whom passed away after giving birth: 32 million Indian Rupees in 1653

Below listed are the most expensive shoes:

1. Nizam Sikandar Jah of Hyderabad’s Slippers, $160,000
2. Harry Winston Ruby Slippers also priced at $3 million
3. Stuart Weitzman and Le Vian evening shoes, with price tagged at $2 million
4. Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers, cost $2 million
Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers
5. Stuart Weitzman Ruby Slippers, priced at $1.6 million
6. Platinum Guild Stuart Weitzman Heels, valued at $1,090,000 million
7. Stuart Weitzman Retro Rose Pumps, $1 million.
8. Diamond Dream Shoes by Stuart Weitzman, $500, 000
9. “Wizard of Oz” Red Shoes, $666,000
10. Stuart Weitzman’s Rita Hayworth Heels, cost $3 million

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