Skechers tone-ups trainer shoe

Got myself a new pair of shoe. I still remember my first pair of Skechers shoe when I bought it in 2006. It was heavily utilized (and in that, I literally means it). The shoe serves me well and if it wasn’t for the worn sole, I probably wouldn’t change it.

I normally have only 2 pairs of shoe, one which I uses it for work and another for multi-purpose functions (from shopping to workout, dinner to gym). In which I am pretty particular when it comes to deciding for the right one to replace my worn out multi-purpose (or heavy duty) shoe and it’s really in deep pain to get a new one.
skechers box
So off I went to the same shop, in hoping I could get back a similar shoe where comfort and look can be met. I went to 3 outlets before finalizing the correct ones that I can confidently wears it with no complaint. In the last outlet, I spent more than an hour to test the new shoe to make sure I’m comfort wearing it. And the final contender that fits my criteria in comfort and design is the tone-ups trainer shoe.
skechers unboxing
I bought it for RM339 and there wasn’t any discount at that time but I got to get it since I am going to need it during my trip to Europe soon. Besides, there are other occasions which I might need to use it and I would not know if there would be any promotions coming soon. So to avoid any delays, I thought I might just get one and by the time the next coming sales period I could have wear it for some time.
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