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Do you shop online?

ecommerceIt seems to be a trend now with online shopping and many e-commerce site have been cropping up. Some which are blogs-made-clothing commerce site and majority are fully functional store-alike commerce site. There are many sites that does not have a physical store in reality, in which those products are being on sale through the web and these products are picture presented on their website. It is always crucial to to ensure that the products you’re getting is what you’re expecting or presented but there are times when this might not be the case.

Now, it is always a good practice for us, as consumers, to ensure that the seller we are dealing with is rigid in what they are providing. Put in mind that, Internet is a world where identity is anonymous to anyone unless both have meet in reality, it may not be 100% secure on the trade that you may deal with. Thus, some common concern that I usually put in consideration:

1. Reliability
2. Reputation
3. Security

I would usually do a check on the sellers through search engines to know more on the seller. If there are good comments on the seller and not bad remarks left by those existing buyer, then I would have more confident toward the seller. Those remarks might not always be the perfect ones but at least you would know there are comments on the seller.

Besides that, try looking for the contacts of the seller and communicate with them to get further details on their company or background. Do ensure that there is a two way communication that could take place in the event thing goes wrong before it actually happened which might be too late. It is also to verify if the seller are contactable and not those which are not available for query instead of just, selling product for profits.

The security are referring toward the payment. Make sure that payment are made toward a secured connection (https). The site you’re dealing with payment will display it’s certificate and it is wise to ensure that the certificate is valid. If the website redirects you to a third party address, then be sure to check out with the seller on the authenticity of such redirects to avoid any phishing which could take place.

More tips on online purchasing will be shared as time goes. If you do have any tips or questions, feel free to post it here.