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Wedding Gown, looking like Disney Fairy tale

I posted once previously on the same topic disney fairy tale wedding gowns, but there isn’t any video for viewing. Well, if you’re sourcing for gown for your upcoming wedding, this might be the one you’re dreaming for.

Gowns are by Alfred Angelo, designed to have style and sensibility of what Ariel, Cinderella and Jasmine looks like. It’s very much of a disney “feel”. The runway held in New York’s Bridal Market and features gown base on cartoon characters which from what the commentator guessed like below order:

1. Cinderella
2. Belle
3. Ariel
4. Tiana
5. Jasmine
6. Snow White
7. Sleeping Beauty

What say you?

Kate Moss wedding dress

Have you heard about it yet? Kate Moss will be designing her own wedding dress to be worn on her wedding with Jamie Hince. She have experience in fashion designing and this news of her designing her own gown doesn’t surprise me. I guess it would have a unique designs out of those normal wedding gown since she has rejected the idea of a haute couture gown. Looking forward for the gown designed by her with her to be the first to dress it in this special event of hers!

The supermodel will marry ‘The Kills’ frontman, 40, on July 2 at a still-to-be-revealed venue. The chief bridesmaid will be eight-year-old Lila Grace, her daughter from a relationship with magazine publisher Jefferson Hack.