Tangle Teezer fake vs original/genuine

After I got to know Tangle Teezer, only I know the product is a hot item. It have been published on the press, the product have won many awards and recognition. The mastermind behind such wonderful product, Shaun Pulfrey have even landed himself winning Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2012. It’s noteable enough how worthy the brainchild of Shaun Pulfrey has come up with.

While it’s been so famous, some took the opportunity to ride along. Searching around the web, you might notice “cheap priced” Tangle Teezer being put on sale. You could find some that priced as low as £1. It’s pretty obvious to have the “fishy” thoughts. And looking further, you might even come across with some commenting on the product not working as described or claimed. But the same commentator later bought another one with a higher price tag experienced a different result (which is what Tangle Teezer acclaimed).

I guess price plays some part in the role even it’s not the determining factor that it could be fake (probably it’s running a promotions) but do ensure you’re buying it from a trust-able/reliable retails. I personally wouldn’t want to waste some money in getting something that isn’t working and ended up paying for more to get the originals.

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