UK’s most influential woman

When we talk about fashions, I believe some, if not all, follows the trend across the world to get the latest styles. Those icons, especially the celebrities, would somehow be a fashion innovations that creates new style that craved for a period of time till the next change takes effect. It would not be surprising if most of us, have the same style or fashion that inherits from a celebrity. I still remember, David Beckam hairstyle, mohawk hairdo was quite popular in early 2000s.

Back to the topic, the leading magazine editors in UK has posted top ten most influential woman:

1. JK Rowling
2. Victoria Beckham
3. The Queen
4. Shami Chakrabarti
5. Cheryl Cole
6. Samantha Cameron
7. Cath Kidston, designer
8. Kate Moss
9. Dame Vivienne Westwood
10. Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson

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