Windows 7: NVIDEA Windows Kernel has stopped responding

This is another problem which have been quite common hitting my desktop almost on every usage (once in each startup). It happens only once and nothing got affected, but that only apply to normal application that I am running. I don’t use the PC for games and not sure if it would affect the executing game if the kernel stopped responding.

The symptoms are only few seconds screen blackout then proceeded with a message box at bottom right of the taskbar showing NVIDEA windows kernel has stopped responding and recovered successfully with the kernel version. I went through the log in the event viewer, under Windows log -> System, there is a display warning message added. Nothing much explains why it happened.

Mesage: Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.
Event ID: 4101
Source: Display
Level: Warning

Try to get some info from the net and found out that the problem seems to be common. There wasn’t any apparent clear solution but one thing I observed, most of the problem faced are commonly relates with NVIDIA Geforce on Windows Vista or Windows 7. My PC is running on NVIDIA Geforce GT 220. Not sure if there is conflicts between the hardware’s kernel with Windows Vista and above version but sure hope Microsoft would come up with a solution toward this. Am not wanting my newly bought PC with this problem.

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