Prada Tote (code 29211)

Prada tote black
When I was in Milan, Prada is in my list of must visit store. I was thinking to get a change in getting a Prada designer stuff as souvenir for myself but looking at the price of their items in store, it was really out of my range. They have plenty of nice handbags and purse, but all in a steep price tag.
prada tote frontprada tote label insideprada tote label inside imprintprada tote label inside imprint 2
My friend asked me to get her a black Tote (code: 29211) over there with given expected price. I bought it for her which has the same price as another Louis Vuitton bag for my other friend.
Prada tote black 29211
This Prada comes with an authenticity card, dust bag and little booklet. It’s made of Nylon with Golden Prada logo outside and in the inside, there is cell phone and zipper pocket. It offers two handles on the top, short and long which is very accommodating.

Even tho I can’t afford one but having the pleasure to help my friend getting one feels good. Hopefully the next trip will get one myself.

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